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    Nomatic's first impressions of the 210 Flex


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    Nomatic's first impressions of the 210 Flex Empty Nomatic's first impressions of the 210 Flex

    Post by mikearnopol on Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:40 pm

    Nomatic (TB moniker) is a top bassist, mastering engineer, and producer. He's owned most of the high end bass gear. Here's his post on TB today

    If God had a bass cab......
    If God needed a bass cab this is want he would rock......
    I got this 21O 15 minutes before a rehearsal and called
    up Mike Arnopol talking like a school kid. This is the finest ,
    punchiest, biggest most articulate speaker I have every heard
    for bass. I have never experienced a B string like I have with the 21O Flex..... Quick, hits you in the chest low end with freakish pitch definition and headroom for days. The midrange is just lovely and the tweeters have the right amount of snap and air.
    Every speaker in the Big e line is slamming but there is something quite special about this one.

    I have 3 gigs this weekend and will report back....

    and his next post

    I am floored........

    This is the sh*t...

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